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Transformational Relationships

Transformational Relationships

By Tom Klobucher

"The best possible life is not a transaction.
It’s a transformation."

Transformation is the art of renewing your mind by discovering your own best self—and then helping others to renew their minds and discover their best selves. We cannot choose a transformational life. We can only live one! This is not an intellectual exercise. It’s a way of being.

Transformation is the key to personal growth and fulfillment. Intellectually, physically, and spiritually, transformation is how we advance, achieve, and inspire others. Transformation is how we improve and reach new, higher levels in life. Transformation is healthy and stimulates learning, growth, and development.

How do transformational learning experiences happen? Through our exchanges! The experts tell us that 60–82 percent of our learning comes to us through informal transformational relationships with other people. The question is—how can we make transforming exchanges happen more often? That’s the question that drives this life-changing book. Join Tom Klobucher on an exciting, personal, transformational exploration!

Tom starts by examining the foundations, identifying three powerful tools of transformation and five transformative values that everyone should embrace to usher in positive change in every aspect of life.

Next, he reflects on some of the most powerful transformational relationships that he has experienced during his own life, sharing stories that feature family members, teachers, and friends.

Finally, he offers guidance on how to inject transformational energy into a variety of crucial relationships, including those in your workplace, in your family, and in your community. He provides practical tips on how you can cultivate gratitude, become a positive lifetime learner, and share the benefits of transformational living with others.

The best life is not a transaction—it’s a transformation!

Transformational Relationships is designed for people of all generations. It tracks our positive transformative relationships from early childhood to our senior years—and prepares us for our very best life!

Transformational Relationships:
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