25 Steps To a Happy and Engaged Retirement

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25 Steps To a Happy and Engaged Retirement

25 BOLD Steps To a Happy, Positive and Engaged RETIREMENT

  1. Pick the age that you choose to be. It really is your choice!
  2. The Big retirement Lie- Don’t buy it!
  3. Create a third option. Work…on your own terms.
  4. Be Bold! Write your very own 25- year plan for the next, and best, phase of your life.
  5. Join the campaign to transform grumpy, complaining older people!
  6. Transform your own attitude!
  7. Be generous and cultivate an attitude of gratitude.
  8. The past is over…celebrate the future.
  9. Old age stinks…unless of course you take a shower!
  10. Don’t dress like your grandparents did!
  11. Invest in, and celebrate, you relationship with your spouse!
  12. Be audacious! Be Bold!
  13. Hang out with younger people!
  14. Learn new things…and be quick to share what you’ve learned!
  15. Be a positive “sage” to your kids, grand-kids and younger people in general!
  16. Keep up with current technology!
  17. No regrets! Ban the words “shudda, cudda, wudda,” and, “but, and, if only,” from your vocabulary.
  18. Start your own Master Mind Group, with three of four other like-minded people.
  19. Fill the gap, be a mentor to younger people.
  20. Treat your remaining time on Earth like it is a precious resource- because it is!
  21. Become an advocate for lifetime growth never allow yourself to stop growing. Be Bold!
  22. Learn and share with people from other cultures and backgrounds. Be a lifetime learner.
  23. Build a Great Trust in God. Pray often!
  24. Live Exponentially! The future is what it’s all about.
  25. Plan for the long-term and beyond, let go of loses and look to the future.